Prospector's Perspective

A Brief History of The Prospector

Bobby Martino’s, cousin’s, sister’s, daughter’s, Uncle, Giovanni built a cabin in the area of downtown Twain Harte way back in the 50’s.  He fed his family piping hot flat breads right out of his wood fired oven. His pies were topped with crushed tomatoes, fresh wild herbs, and mozzarella made from wild harvested venison milk, also in the absence of olive oil he used a drizzle of rendered duck fat affectionately called “duck butter”.   The cherished family oven, brought to San Francisco from Italy , including a stormy passage through the treacherous Cape Horn area, survived the long journey.  It was then carried to the Mother Lode in a mule drawn wagon.  Giovanni’s great grandfather Piero journeyed with the oven from Naples in search of gold in these illustrious golden hills.  He found that gold in Pizza! Thanks to the wonders of modern professional renovation we still seek gold with that oven today!

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