Prospector's Perspective

Autumn at The Prospector

In Prospector's Perspective on September 19, 2012 at 8:30 pm

As summer passes and autumn is upon us, pumpkins, apples and gnocchi all come to mind.  The cool mornings and late summer breeze quiet the hustle and bustle from the summer crowds.  Most of the cooking still being done outdoors, we can only hope it will last.

Dining al fresco can occasionally be freddo da pranzo all’aperto or chilly outdoor dining!  Our last days of dining on our deck can sometimes be chilly so bring a sweater to be sure.  The leaves are falling already and the autumn equinox is knocking at the door. .  We have noticed a trend that more people are coming out to dinner closer to 7pm rather than 6pm.  As the summer hum grinds to a halt, We are making only a couple of each of our plates.  So dining early or on a weeknight will assure you a seat and a taste of the delectable delights.


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